Monday, March 21, 2011

What friends are for

Aren't friends suppose to be 
that one person 
who you choose to 
be part of your life 
who you trust will always 
be there for you? 
Aren't they the person 
who you chose to show 
unconditional love to? 
A person you can trust 
to not stab you in the back. 
A person you figure 
would show no jealousy. 
Isn't that why we are 
in each other's life? 
So then why would you 
decide to do some 
of the evil things to me 
that you know I would never 
do to you. 
Is it envy of my progress in life? 
Is it the lack of control you have over me? 
What would possess you to 
do the dastardly things you have done 
behind my back. 
You couldn't even 
confront me face to face 
with the problem at hand. 
But it is apparent, 
that you are the true problem 
in this friendship. 
Though I love you 
I really need distance myself 
from this toxic relationship 
because though 
I had your best interest at heart. 
It is obvious 
you don't have mine. 
Good bye my friend. 

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