Sunday, December 19, 2010

looking in another direction

These last 3 months have been very rocky.
People who trusted I have lost almost most of my faith.
I get questioned by folks who claim to love me.
I have been put in very awkward situations.
Most of my trust is gone.
I have invested in people & things.
Risked my lights getting shut off,
Water being turned off.
Withstood everything short of being physically slapped in the face.
Why do I keep bothering.
I have 10 people who mean the world to me...but I don't feel
I can be my full self anymore.
None feel my total pain.
All I can do is sigh with total frustration.
Looking in another direction to find total happiness.

P!nk - Raise Your Glass

A Man Without a World

Have you ever felt like,
you were a person
without a destination;
an individual
without a journey
a man without a world.

You come from a land
that  forgot you.
You go to a land
that rejects you.
Yet, you long for a land
that respects you.

You often ask yourself,
“who do I turn to?”
“Where do I run to?”
“When will they
appreciate me
for the man I am?”

“I don’t ask for much.
Just a little bit of compassion
and some reverence. “
However, you stand here
on your own
in the solitude of emptiness
realizing that
the only man
that will be there for you
is the one in the reflection
looking back at you.

affirmation of the week

~ I choose silence over losing self control, losing my temper or losing my dignity~

Monday, December 13, 2010

Show me Love too

What kind of ego are you supporting on your shoulders.
I give you love
I give you support
I give you all the compliments you deserve.
So why is it, that you assume
that I know that the feelings are reciprocal?
You know,
I like to hear that I too am appreciated.
I like to hear what I am worth in your world.
Don't assume
because you mention it to others
that I am getting the same message.
I want you to know that at present
I am truly feeling unappreciated.
I see the appreciation you have shown others.
You even tell me day to day,
what others have done for you.
I guess you have no idea
how dejected I feel right now.
But, I guess I will just proceed with what I do
and hope that one day, you will see my worth.
And show a little gratitude
and appreciation for me and my work.
But for your sake,
It better not be
too little too late.