Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Changes by artist Anthony Burks
It represents the positive changes in ones life through spirtuality

Friday, December 16, 2005

Taboo Movies

Are there some movies that you were not allowed to see due to content. Or something you might have saw bits & pieces of & wish you can see the entire movie. Mine were:
  1. Songs of the South (banned in this country) ( I saw it as a kid years ago but do not remember much)
  2. Midnight Cowboy (still have yet to see it )
  3. Caligula ( still haven't seen the whole thing)

Randal Pinkett The New Apprentice

I am trying to understand why people are making a big deal out of the fact tha Randall wouldn't share the thunder of his win. No other winner was asked to share, why should he? He earned it fair & square. He didn't say Trump shouldn't hire Rebecca, he said their would only be "one Apprentice tonight". We all know that Rebecca will be hired by the Trump Organization. This isn't even an issue. She was excellent competition. I think folks are making way too much out of it.
If Rebecaa had of been the Apprentice, I would hope she had of said the same thing. This is business, and things do not end in real life like a cute little mini series.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Santa's favorite cookies

What cookies are you leaving Santa this Christmas Eve?

Why our artists not getting respect?

Remember when artists use to be one of the most well respected people in the community? They were the ones that our leaders & scholars consulted with for major concepts & ideas to help change the world.

What happened to that respect?

Nowadays, artists (both visual & musical) are viewed as the nuts of society. While our Hollywood stars and sports figures are earning millions of dollars a year; other artists are being nickeled and dimed and can't even afford to pay rent.

Hello America! We are great thinkers too you know. Many of us have degrees in education, mathematics, engineering, medicine and psychology. With out us many of your children would not be the critical & logical thinks that they are. So would you please stop pulling funding away from art, music and science programs. Stop telling your children that artist are always struggling & not happy people who are homeless.

If you supported you local artists like you support your NY Yankees or Boston Red Sox we would all be on the same playing field economically. Remember, you wouldn't be where you are without us. Think about that the next time turn your nose up to an abstract painting at a gallery.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What is a Lithograph?

A lithograph print is a print that is produced by a printing process whereby the image to be printed is finished on a flat surface, such as sheet zinc or aluminum. The image is treated to retain ink while the non-image areas are treated to repel ink.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Back from the hells of Wilma

All I can say is that I am glad that it is over. Got some damage. Just got my light back on. Thank God we made it thru.

Friday, October 07, 2005

What is your career type

Your Career Type: Artistic

You are expressive, original, and independent.

Your talents lie in your artistic abilities: creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art.

You would make an excellent:

Actor - Art Teacher - Book Editor

Clothes Designer - Comedian - Composer

Dancer - DJ - Graphic Designer

Illustrator - Musician - Sculptor

The worst career options for your are conventional careers, like bank teller or secretary.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Supporting the arts

One question. Why aren't people supporting the arts like they use to?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Died a Prophet yet a Slave

It was so frustrating watching Tupac Resurrection for the first time today. As I was listening to his monologue and interviews that were beautifully added to the flick, I always knew he was great at what he was; an entertainer. However, as a fellow Gemini & artist, for the first time I was able to feel his pain and hurt. This brotha was a classically trained artist early on in life yet was well aware that he had so much more to learn. He learned ballet, and musical theatre and things that your average "thug" from the streets would have never embrace in public. He was finally starting to realize that his final deal with the devil was a bad mistake. He was bailed out of jail and owed so much money to Death Row, he was literally a slave. His slave master made sure that his name was bringing DR lots of money, yet like other black entertainers such as Little Richards, Frankie Lymon & TLC he wasn't seeing a dime of the $$$$.

Tupac would have been 34 years old this year. He could have gone back to school, got his degree and have been a multidiscipline art instructor or even a college professor with the wealth of knowledge he possessed. Instead he died a prophet yet a slave at 25 years of age. What a loss to my industry.!

Friday, September 02, 2005

I couldn't have said it better my self

Friday, September 2nd, 2005

Dear Mr. Bush:
Any idea where all our helicopters are? It's Day 5 of Hurricane Katrina and thousands remain stranded in New Orleans and need to be airlifted. Where on earth could you have misplaced all our military choppers? Do you need help finding them? I once lost my car in a Sears parking lot. Man, was that a drag.
Also, any idea where all our national guard soldiers are? We could really use them right now for the type of thing they signed up to do like helping with national disasters. How come they weren't there to begin with?
Last Thursday I was in south Florida and sat outside while the eye of Hurricane Katrina passed over my head. It was only a Category 1 then but it was pretty nasty. Eleven people died and, as of today, there were still homes without power. That night the weatherman said this storm was on its way to New Orleans. That was Thursday! Did anybody tell you? I know you didn't want to interrupt your vacation and I know how you don't like to get bad news. Plus, you had fundraisers to go to and mothers of dead soldiers to ignore and smear. You sure showed her!
I especially like how, the day after the hurricane, instead of flying to Louisiana, you flew to San Diego to party with your business peeps. Don't let people criticize you for this -- after all, the hurricane was over and what the heck could you do, put your finger in the dike?
And don't listen to those who, in the coming days, will reveal how you specifically reduced the Army Corps of Engineers' budget for New Orleans this summer for the third year in a row. You just tell them that even if you hadn't cut the money to fix those levees, there weren't going to be any Army engineers to fix them anyway because you had a much more important construction job for them -- BUILDING DEMOCRACY IN IRAQ!
On Day 3, when you finally left your vacation home, I have to say I was moved by how you had your Air Force One pilot descend from the clouds as you flew over New Orleans so you could catch a quick look of the disaster. Hey, I know you couldn't stop and grab a bullhorn and stand on some rubble and act like a commander in chief. Been there done that.
There will be those who will try to politicize this tragedy and try to use it against you. Just have your people keep pointing that out. Respond to nothing. Even those pesky scientists who predicted this would happen because the water in the Gulf of Mexico is getting hotter and hotter making a storm like this inevitable. Ignore them and all their global warming Chicken Littles. There is nothing unusual about a hurricane that was so wide it would be like having one F-4 tornado that stretched from New York to Cleveland.
No, Mr. Bush, you just stay the course. It's not your fault that 30 percent of New Orleans lives in poverty or that tens of thousands had no transportation to get out of town. C'mon, they're black! I mean, it's not like this happened to Kennebunkport. Can you imagine leaving white people on their roofs for five days? Don't make me laugh! Race has nothing -- NOTHING -- to do with this!
You hang in there, Mr. Bush. Just try to find a few of our Army helicopters and send them there. Pretend the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast are near Tikrit.
Michael Moore


P.S. That annoying mother, Cindy Sheehan, is no longer at your ranch. She and dozens of other relatives of the Iraqi War dead are now driving across the country, stopping in many cities along the way. Maybe you can catch up with them before they get to DC on September 21st.

Florida Atlantic Univ. accepting displaced students

Paula Behul at the University wants everyone to know that FAU is accepting student who have evacuated Louisiana, Mississippi, etc. They need only to call the registrar's office.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

9 year old son hosts fundraiser

My youngest son Raymond has decided that he wants to do a school fundraising campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Victims in the Gulf Coast. I decided to host an auction for his school cause & direct funding to Red Cross. Watch the auction and /or bid. Thank you all for your help.


Monday, August 29, 2005

VMA's was Wack!!!!!!

Okay, I know everyone is complaining, but I got the right to do so too. What was that last night? "The All About SEAN Show". (I'm not falling into that DIDDY trap...damn it, he's SEAN) Ole' boy is trully stuck on himself. Alright all of y'all who when to Mount St. Michael with SEAN....was he that stuck on himself? I was so sick of seeing him I was literally nauseous. And did you see him once again pimping the late B.I.G.? I think Suge getting shot was a ploy to keep his azz from the show. He would have flipped seeing Bad Boy & Snoop all in the family. I was waiting for Dr. Dre to pop out.

Who told R Kelly to do that tired dramatized nonsence. I wanted him to go back in the closet when he actually tricked me into watching that mess on BET last month. A already can't stand the brotha. I think I have given him more than enough attention than he deserves.

And who's idea was it to have simulations of ejaculations fountains all over the theatre. That was truly a male produced show.

Did you see Lil' Jon & Snoop try to cop a feel on their co-presenters. Ladies wear rat traps in your girdles next time.

The only thing that was cool was the fact that almost everyone was dressed to the nine. Even Lil' Kim looked slightly classy. I guess Jessica Simpson missed the memo...or her & Ashley had a cat fight prior to walking out. I can't see Nick letting ol' girl walk out the door w/that train wreck on.

The hosts for the After Show had absolutely nothing to say. That's a first! They were so drunk at the pre-show that by the time the After Show took place maybe they were just lethargic & hungover. ...Not!

Over all the writers & developers all need to be fired. MTV don't have SEAN host again.

Friday, August 26, 2005

American Woman in Angst: Something amiss

Girl Crushes?

What is this so called new phemonenon? Girl Crushes? WTF? .....What is this sudden interests in girl on girl attraction? Okay I guess this gives me the opportunity to admit mine.

I have had this crush for years. At least 10 years. My girl crush is:


I have always loved her style, her height and her shape. She is just fabulous......Wait a minute! RU is a man in real life right?

So much for me jumping on the bandwagon of girl crushes, huh?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Okay, so now this holy terror is bearing my name. At least part of my name. All I know is, if I had real contol of this storm, it would not be flying over South Florida. I have a few direct locations I would probably hit.
Any Hoo...I will be out of commission for a few days.

Pray for us.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Has any one just felt like they need a change in their life?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Powerful Me

(The Children’s chant)

I am Powerful.
I can provoke change in the world.
I will not allow you, or anyone to
stand in my way, to my goal of positivism.
I am an educated and a powerful being,
and you cannot stop me:
The Powerful Me.

By Trina Slade-Burks

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Black Butterfly Tees

We came across several more Black Butterfly t-shirts.
The illustration is by Anthony Burks and the poem is by JohnDre Jennings a.k.a Black Butterfly
Please contact me if you are interested. It is printed on oatmeal colored XL ladies Beefy Tee. See the poem that is feature on the back.

Through Her Eyes She
Coordinates Excellence
Nature & Beauty Are One
She Sees Everything And Is
The Replication Of Perfection
She Does Not Need Those
Two Eyes Cause She Sees
Through the All Seeing Eye
While Nature is Born
You Take Me Through Many
Evolutions Asking Me To Be
Peaceful You And I Are One
So I Say

Brotha, are you crazy!

Okay I'm a former New Yorker living in Florida who refuses to drive because I am terrified of the cotton heads who can barely see over the steering wheel or the spoiled teens who have no concept of speed. So I take the unreliable Palmtran buses.

Okay unlike New York, men who take public transportation or rides a bike are typically losers. They either have a suspended license, no car, no job and no clue. Only 23% may actually have a legit reason for taking public transportation. These would be:

  1. they live in another county and their vehicles are at the train station in their county
  2. they work for the city, county or state
  3. they are a student
  4. they are new in town
  5. they are a tourist
  6. they are elderly and shouldn't be driving
Anything else, they are losers.
Okay this brotha walk up to me; he had to be about 29-30; his shorts were big and baggy like he was 16 hanging off his butt exposing his tighty whities, his shirt was wrinkled, he was wearing Lugz boots in 97 degree weather and he was chewing his gum like a cow chews cud, and he obviously had no destination.
He walk up to me, which was already a bad move, and says..."hey Miss, how u doin'?"....Alright my first thought was brotha I am hot, I need to get to work and why are you out here in the middle of the day instead of being at a job. But I barely cracked a smile and said. "Alright". My lack of interest didn't scare him away.
He asks "So you want to hang out some time?"
Me "Like where?"
Brotha says, "we can hang at your crib"......Then I said "I doubt my husband would want some dude without a job hanging at our house except my 9 year old and my 12 year old."
Ya think that would have scared him off. Oh no! He's like, " Oh so you are married? How long?
Now I'm really irritated...Why does this guy think I want to talk. "14 years"
He's like, "Wow, that's a long time. You don't sound like you come from here. Where you from?"
"New York"
" How long you been UP here?"
Dumb brotha doesn't know he lives down here. "14 YEARS!"
"Oh so you got married and moved here?"
His dumb azz looks at my right hand where my high school ring is and asks, "So where is your ring?"
I quickly hold up my left fist up to expose my heart shaped ring w/the anniversary ring.
" Oh okay" He smiles and "It was nice talkin to ya"...And he walks away.
That's all I had to do? Hold up my damn fist! I should have did that shit at the beginning, huh!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Back to work

Although I really like my job I wish I had an extra week to myself. Just to get my head together.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Fried Chicken

My husband gave up fried foods. Uggghhh!
Now I am craving Fried Chicken. Real, homemade, crispy fried chicken!!!!!!

I just don't know

I can always figure out ways to solve others problems. Why can't I do the same for me. I finally love my career. Plans for the house are coming along. Yet I feel trapped. Something is still incomplete. I am still not where I want to be in life. Almost 40 and my life is nowhere where it should be.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Help the cause @ our reunion for Jill Wilson-Hamlett

We are hosting a fundraiser in the name of Jill Wilson-Hamlett who we lost to cancer this past May. The will be collecting a scholarship for her two sons as well as give a donation to our other sponsor ACS.

If you are interested in supporting our event contact me for more information.

If you wish to bid to be a major sponsor click the link.

JILL GABRIELLE WILSON - HAMLETT, A celebration of life: Jill Gabrielle Wilson Hamlet February 25, 1969- April 27, 2005 Kind, nice, loving, caring, thoughtful, brave, courageous, noble, understanding, adoring, helpful, beautiful, supportive and strong. These are the words Nathaniel uses to describe his mom. Jill Gabrielle Wilson Hamlett is a model of how to let God lead the way to a life filled with love. She is an example of how fulfilling life can be if we focus on the opportunities God promises and not the obstacles life presents. While Jill Hamlett's body finally gave out, her spirit never did. During her time on this earth, wherever she went, Jill sprinkled the world with seeds of kindness and compassion that bore the fruits of love. She taught us more than we could ever teach her and she left a template of how to always be the best that we can be. Jill's legacy will be carried on by her husband Reginald Hamlett and her children Nathaniel Christian and Joshua Gabriel; her mother Judith Wilson, her brother Craig Wilson and sister Traci Wilson; her maternal grandmother Dorothy Ayers; her sisters and brothers-in-law; her five nieces and one nephew and a host of aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends. She was preceded in death by her father Franklin Wilson and grandfather William Ayers.
Published: Monday, May 2nd, 2005

I Played the Maid

Danitra Vance (July 13, 1954 - August 21, 1994) was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1985 to 1986. She was the second female African American member of SNL (the first was Yvonne Hudson, who appeared in the 1980-1981 season), but the first to be a contract player and to play any major roles. She is best remembered for the sketch "That Black Girl", a spoof of the 1960s sitcom That Girl, starring Marlo Thomas, and for her character Cabrini Green, an urban teenager.
Vance became extremely frustrated during her run on SNL because she was overwhelmingly written into sketches as either a
prostitute or a maid. She opted to leave the show because of this, and her final performance on the show was singing a song called "I Played the Maid," a tribute to black woman in Hollywood.
Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1990, Vance underwent a single mastectomy and incorporated the experience into a solo skit, "The Radical Girl's Guide to Radical Mastectomy." Unfortunately, the cancer recurred in 1993 and she died the following year.

Artist Anthony Burks

Anthony Burks, a native Floridian, born on December 18, 1967 is one of the most unique and prolific conceptual of both fine and commercial artists in America. He works numerous forms of media including color pencil, pen and ink, pastels and watercolor.

A graduate of Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a degree in Visual Communications, he has accomplished many things in his professional career. He is co-owner of A.T.B Graphic Designerstm which is an art and graphic design resource service.

Anthony Burks' collectors of his art are people of different professional disciplines including poets, educators, doctors and even a judge. The Cornell Museum in Delray Beach, Florida has one of his original pieces entitled Freedom in their permanent collection.

Some of Anthony's work is presently on display at Expressive Vibes Art Gallery in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Bio on Kelly Liddie


Photographer of New York

Born & raised in the East Village of New York City. Secularly she works as a Project manager for an engineering firm overseeing various construction projects including the redevelopment of World Trade Center. One of the things that she tries to hone into whenever possible is shooting & developing B/W images; in particularly, part of the human form in all its appeal.

Moth Series

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Monday, August 08, 2005

Great auctions

Check out these blogs

Almost 20 years

I can't believe that it has been almost 20 years since I graduated Cardinal Spellman High School. I am on the committee again for our African American/Latin American Reunion. I am so excited. I know some folks don't understand why we are even doing this. Well after being black listed (pardon the pun) from the planning committee of our ten year, after being black listed for the yearbook committee....hell after being black list from damn near everything it was time to hold our own....Keep in mind our reunion invites all. Some who graduated, some who didn't, non-alum...etc.. All raises all creeds. Not elitist in the least.

I know many of us have hid our ages. Well I am 37 years old & proud of it. So all of y'all hiding your ages better quite trippin, because the chick w/the slam book knows tha truth.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What a boring summer!

Summers are not what they use to be, like when I was a kid. I miss the good old days when I would go swimming at camp every day. I miss hanging out w/my friends. Kids today take life for granted.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I am an e-bay hound

I have been exposing many artists to e-bay. Some have done well & some aren't. I want them to get the exposure. In time I guess. In time.

Here is one of mine