Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I should be so excited about my trip to New York, but instead I am aggravated. After 2 years of planning our AA/LA reunion the whole thing changed with one major mistake. I am so pissed I can spit. To make matters worst, people interests have dwindled from the event. I feel like my friends have not been supportive because of one person who I won't name & I invest quite a few hundred dollars of my money to cover the reservation. That I may never get back because the several people who made their promises are not keeping them.

I also have a friend up there who is demanding to much of my time & they do not understand that as selfish as this may sound, this trip is suppose to be about me.

I am in a huge emotional rollercoaster. And I want to get off. My friends have been my family for years, but in this important part of my life I really feel alone. Family is the same way. I feel I have no kind of control of my own life.

I am just freakin disgusted

Saturday, July 01, 2006