Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Between the choices I make
and the choices I made.
between the two worlds.
My past and my present.
About my needs versus my wants.
Is there really a difference?
Too many decisions
not enough choices.
Why can't I just be at two places
at the same time.
 I often play devil’s advocate.
For you
there is one side of the coin you root for.
For me
there is always two sides to every coin.
No black or white.
Just a whole lot of grey.
Cloudy and confusing me.
I don't know where things start
 nor where they should end.
 All I need
 Is to go in the right direction.
But which way is that?
What many feel is the correct way to go
may not work for me.
All I know is
 I am determined
to make this journey.