Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Please help support business services


Over the last 30+ years I have provided free services in the arts world.  Everything from teaching art, providing information to artists, research and development for other companies, organizations & people, programming, and curating. All done without receiving payment for any services rendered.  Though I do not mind donating my services, realistically this can become problematic for being able to maintain a level of fundamental survival.  One cannot pay bills, mortgage, buy groceries, pay insurance etc.

And if your response is, “ Well get a job”, the answer to that is.  I have a job.  I have just been doing it for free. Often times many other non-profits and individuals cannot afford the services but desperately need help.  I cannot turn my back on them because they cannot afford it.  I am humbly asking  if you believe in the projects and services, I have been providing the community for the last three decades, won’t you consider contributing something to what I do, so I can continue to provide all the unique services to those who cannot afford it?

Please Donate