Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving on

Lost a best friend yesterday...not to a death, but to them self..  Loved them dearly, still do.. but too much pain....a lot to get into & I won't...but to say that certain things are acceptable based to what they want..showing me no respect.....I deserve better. Especially when they were often put first..over many

I am angry...but not bitter..hurt but defeated...Open but guarded

One thing that I know  if someone else had of behaved like this w/me that friend would have defended me with gloves on.

I love you my friend..... we cried together, laughed & everything in between... you know more about me & I you more than anyone in life..but you & I both know what this was about....But I will live with the decision that was made. 

So as I get business back in order....I too will be flying solo.

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