Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Daniel BFF Tree

I received word this morning that one of those fallen baby angels from Newtown, CT was the son of a Cardinal Spellman High School Alumnus. As you know we stand by our Spellman. my husband Anthony Burks Sr.- Fine artist offered to list one o
f his Rooted Ground pieces on ebay.

Here is the link for the auction we listed for the Barden Family Fund. 100% of the bid money will be going to the fund. Ebay will not allow us to mention proceeds unless they are involved so I posted at the bottom of the auction in red 100% BFF which is quiet poignant. Please pass it on.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Black art @ Art Basel Weekend?


It was very much there. ArtAfrica Miami . One thing that truly irritated me is the constant complaining that there was a lack of black art @ Art Basel. Well the problem with that statement is that unless you are solely looking in the commercialized convention center, that is a far stretch. Black Art in America has been heavily promoting the huge influx of black art that would be present during this weekend thru many media outlets. Set in the historical town of Overtown, ArtAfrica in a gritty neighborhood in Miami is no different than folks searching for cutting edge art in Harlem, NY in the 20th century.

Looking at the online articles about black art during this event...I really am able to further understand why our art predecessors from the Harlem Renaissance chose to trek their way to Europe to get the respect & appreciation. Because they truly weren't getting it here. Now not only aren't we getting respect here we aren't getting it from our own. 

The trendy art district Wynwood started out as the HOOD, as did where the location where Art Basel is affixed year after year.  So why isn't places like Overtown & Little Haiti worth the time of day?  Grassroots is the premise to where all great art processes start. & People of color are some of the most creative people . So why did everyone miss this great opportunity for great art?

I have been curating shows for a while.  Some of the best art sales that have been negotiated have been done right in our Home Studio space....In the HOOD, of Northwood West Palm Beach, FL. 

Art work by T. Elliot

Art work by Addonis Parker >more

Designed by Nzingah >more 
who showcased at Feverish Ice Cream & Gourmet Pops during
Art Basel Weekend

Art work by Anthony Burks Sr. >more

Art work by Herschel Yelder featured @ the Art by the Pool @ the Marquis Condos
Units in the space pool side were uniquely transitioned to gallery spaces. Was free to the public.

My rule is NO EXCUSES. If you really want to find what you are looking for, there are means to doing so.
These artists were made up of educators, architects, designers, engineers, historians, entrepreneurs & healers etc. 

Click the links above to learn more.  

What you missed this weekend. 

curated by
Art Africa Miami Selection Commitee

Adedoba Afolabi
Mario Astorga
Aswad Asual
Dinizulu Gene Tinnie
Aswad Asual
Sharon Louise Barnes
Sami Bentil
Anthony Burks
Howard T. Cash
David WM Cassidy
Carl Craig
Frank Frazier
Shaunte Gates
Gregory Gibbs
Allison Janae Hamilton
LaToya Hobbs
Olalekan Jeyifous
Loni Johnson
Bayunga Kialeuka
Burton Levinson
Ralph A. Maingrette
T. Eliott Mansa
Anja Marais
Donald McKnight
Robert McKnight
Garfield Morgan
Addonis Parker
Jolanta Izabel Pawlak
Amber Robles-Gordon
James A. Rush
Asser Saint Val
Tracy Ann Simmonds
Franklin Roosevelt Sinanan
DL Warfield
Elizabeth Zans

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Diz-E Image Magnets SOH

Choose Magnet & add shipping

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Well it has been a year since we have been having battles to keep our home.  & so far, no progress.  Now it is going to be full steam ahead.  We have found so many ways to help others meet their own personal & professional goals, while neglecting our own personal illnesses, financial & emotional struggles since 2011.  So we now are asking for help in return. 

Like always we will pay it forward by a percentage going to breast cancer research. Even though we are going through our personal struggles we never forget that there are others going through worse situations than ourselves. Hence regardless of our personal struggles we will always find a way to pay it forward.

The main goal: TO SAVE OUR HOUSE. All money collected at this show through art sales (minus the percentage for charity) is going to pay the debt on the house.  We simply need your support. The fiscal goal is $25,000.

We thank you in advance for your help & support in the very difficult yet optimistic time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Really, what is the priority?

As a voter & a US citizen,  I have to say I am very disgusted with the fact that the Gulf coast is being hit by yet another hurricane & the Republican National Convention went on.  I will give props to Rick Scott & other GOP leaders who chose to skip the festivities and man their states. That is a true leader. Those poor people were treated like they weren't important. 

This isn't about party....this is about PRIORITY.  If I were on the fence w/my choice & the Democratic National Convention were to take place during this madness as well.. I wouldn't be voting. because both parties would show me what they are really about.  SELF.

 I vote for people who care about their fellow man in their country.  I have voted for Independents & Republicans who are for causes in some state elections. & not embarrassed to say that. So again I say.. this is not a party thing for me.

I was listening to Dennis Miller (a noted GOP supporter, but opponent of the Tea Party)  the other night on Jay Leno and he said it best.....That he would be more impress if they would cancel the RNC because of this storm & take half that money & pay down the deficit.  But he at this point trusts NO POLITICIANS. Because they talk more than they do (paraphrasing).

We have turned into a society that has been allowed to publicly disrespect our leaders in the media & in front of other countries etc. We wonder why others aren't respecting us as true leaders of the world. We are also a self absorbed nation. 

Don't get me wrong, yes Florida could use that money. Yes we are hurting, but that was an Overpriced damn pep rally that took place yesterday. SO many people who are trying to get jobs, who are fighting to save their homes & are dealing with that hurricane can use that money. All those people @ that convention lost the point to the fight. They just want to fight with each other. Get over there on the coast & get your hands dirty & help. 

& if not one person there didn't think that a simple "MOMENT OF SILENCE" was slightly disrespectful & condescending to the suffering, then all I can do is shake my head .

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PALO! Cuban Pig Out 2 @ PAX benefiting Life Is Art

Well after not being in an art show in about a year, I got accepted into a show in Miami, FL

PALO! Cuban Pig Out 2 @ PAX benefiting Life Is Art
The PALO! Cuban Pig Out 2 @ PAX is a great afternoon of food, art, music, fun and friends benefiting the arts in south Florida!
Sunday, September 2, 4pm-11pm

PAX - Performing Arts Exchange
337 SW 8th St., Miami, FL 33130
( PAX is directly under the I-95 overpass)

Friday, August 03, 2012

A Dollar a wish

Wishing for good health, fortune or success for others?
Make a wish for a dollar.

The first $100 raised by August 20, 2012 will be sponsoring a tent for Summertime Art walk in Northwood for one of our artists who lives with Autism.
Half of the rest of the proceeds will be split with Art for Autism
Deadline is 09/01/12
A $1 a wish

For more information about Art for Autism you can visit

Monday, May 21, 2012

It's Great to have friends that appreciate you

trina i love u so much..........i was a confused artist until u came back into my life........i think i was on the verge of insanity ,until u made my art make sense.........u put all the missing pieces 2gether for me..........u are my oxygen tank 4 my life......thank u for makingit all makefucking sense 2 i can go insane knowing why............till my dying day and beyond,,u are my artistic doctor.......fuc a therapist i have u........muahhhhhh baby...lets make millions2gether

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Are you relevant?

Don't ever assume that you are always relevant...It is your job to keep yourself there when others aren't paying attention

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Help Diz-E Image Support

Help me help other artists

The decision for me to go into the art field was a gift from God & the blessing from my father. After going thru our own set backs I too see what what the struggles of life bring.

Please help me pay it forward

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sometimes you gotta keep it real!!!!!!!!


Monday, March 19, 2012

A.T.B. & Collaboration: Artists Lunch & Lecture AD early bird special

A.T.B. & Collaboration: Artists Lunch & Lecture AD early bird special: Do you want to expand your customer.   Artists tend to be more loyal when it comes to the consumer market. Once they trust your prod...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gotta make a change

I have to vent. It truly irritates me when you bust your hump for people...& you are constantly being accused of not doing enough. And it usually from people who love you & have your best interest @ heart. But they never want to hear that they are the problem. I have 3 individuals that if they had to do their crap on their own ... They would be truly lost.

I have really had enough. No thank you, when things are great they kiss your feet. But when you ask them to do things they could be bothered.

Yes I am pissed and will be making some changes. Just wish I can win a trip by myself away from them & just do my thing. And when I see any of their numbers family, friend or foe. The call conveniently drops

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It has to be said....It's about WH not BB

I have a lot to say, way too much to put into a status. 

As much as I found Bobby the wrong choice for her.. & he often annoyed the crap outta me, he is far from the cause of her death. Whitney was in that drug life long b/4 he was in her life. 

Folk let's keep it real. She was a chick from Newark, NJ.....who was in the modeling & music industry. Just because she was raised in a Christian household didn't mean she was a shelterd girl...HELLLLO us Catholic school girls can tell you. With access we can do anything we want to do....'& that's  what Whitney had...plenty of access. She was a grown azz woman who grew up way too fast...Sadly she admitted she was doing her than long before Bobby was in her life.

They were two addicts who used each other to feed their habit. By no means am I defending Bobby Brown. He had his demons too..Big time.

So everyone...enough w/giving Bobby Brown the spotlight.  Right now I see more news feed about the wrong person. 
We lost a gem. So let show her the time.

She was human folks...she had her demons like many artists of many disciplines do....Pay your respect to her...and stop giving Bobby time.  He needs to be a father to his daughter.....As someone who lost my mom  early due to addiction .I can tell you, he is going to have a rough time.. so instead of bashing him...Pray for him.

We'll miss you Whitney.

Thank you Alexie F

Friday, February 10, 2012

I Luv U Lingerie

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

R.I.P Don Cornelius

Don Cornelius, ‘Soul Train’ Creator, Is Dead