Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Daniel BFF Tree

I received word this morning that one of those fallen baby angels from Newtown, CT was the son of a Cardinal Spellman High School Alumnus. As you know we stand by our Spellman. my husband Anthony Burks Sr.- Fine artist offered to list one o
f his Rooted Ground pieces on ebay.

Here is the link for the auction we listed for the Barden Family Fund. 100% of the bid money will be going to the fund. Ebay will not allow us to mention proceeds unless they are involved so I posted at the bottom of the auction in red 100% BFF which is quiet poignant. Please pass it on.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Black art @ Art Basel Weekend?


It was very much there. ArtAfrica Miami . One thing that truly irritated me is the constant complaining that there was a lack of black art @ Art Basel. Well the problem with that statement is that unless you are solely looking in the commercialized convention center, that is a far stretch. Black Art in America has been heavily promoting the huge influx of black art that would be present during this weekend thru many media outlets. Set in the historical town of Overtown, ArtAfrica in a gritty neighborhood in Miami is no different than folks searching for cutting edge art in Harlem, NY in the 20th century.

Looking at the online articles about black art during this event...I really am able to further understand why our art predecessors from the Harlem Renaissance chose to trek their way to Europe to get the respect & appreciation. Because they truly weren't getting it here. Now not only aren't we getting respect here we aren't getting it from our own. 

The trendy art district Wynwood started out as the HOOD, as did where the location where Art Basel is affixed year after year.  So why isn't places like Overtown & Little Haiti worth the time of day?  Grassroots is the premise to where all great art processes start. & People of color are some of the most creative people . So why did everyone miss this great opportunity for great art?

I have been curating shows for a while.  Some of the best art sales that have been negotiated have been done right in our Home Studio space....In the HOOD, of Northwood West Palm Beach, FL. 

Art work by T. Elliot

Art work by Addonis Parker >more

Designed by Nzingah >more 
who showcased at Feverish Ice Cream & Gourmet Pops during
Art Basel Weekend

Art work by Anthony Burks Sr. >more

Art work by Herschel Yelder featured @ the Art by the Pool @ the Marquis Condos
Units in the space pool side were uniquely transitioned to gallery spaces. Was free to the public.

My rule is NO EXCUSES. If you really want to find what you are looking for, there are means to doing so.
These artists were made up of educators, architects, designers, engineers, historians, entrepreneurs & healers etc. 

Click the links above to learn more.  

What you missed this weekend. 

curated by
Art Africa Miami Selection Commitee

Adedoba Afolabi
Mario Astorga
Aswad Asual
Dinizulu Gene Tinnie
Aswad Asual
Sharon Louise Barnes
Sami Bentil
Anthony Burks
Howard T. Cash
David WM Cassidy
Carl Craig
Frank Frazier
Shaunte Gates
Gregory Gibbs
Allison Janae Hamilton
LaToya Hobbs
Olalekan Jeyifous
Loni Johnson
Bayunga Kialeuka
Burton Levinson
Ralph A. Maingrette
T. Eliott Mansa
Anja Marais
Donald McKnight
Robert McKnight
Garfield Morgan
Addonis Parker
Jolanta Izabel Pawlak
Amber Robles-Gordon
James A. Rush
Asser Saint Val
Tracy Ann Simmonds
Franklin Roosevelt Sinanan
DL Warfield
Elizabeth Zans