Monday, August 22, 2011

What Happens When Your Heroes Let You Down

I looked up to you
like a  child to a
superhuman creature
that was indestructible
by any force that would
challenge you on
any level of doom.

I often envision that
 you could always save me
from the evils and the malicious
world that we live in
without even having to
lift a finger.

I would see that imaginary
glow that only surrounded
a chosen few of the infallible.
Mysterious  & unfathomable
A force to be reckoned with
on all levels of the spectrum.

But you are mortal.
Bleeding  from blue to red.
You hurt as well as you hurt others.
Though unintentionally, it's often
insensitive & destructible.

You are actually unsure of your future
You are indecisive & unachieved,
less goal oriented & uncertain of others
and of self.
Powerless from the storms that settle
among us.
The wind would actually blow you away
like a feather with one breath.

So, what happens when our heroes let us down?
We stand up against the immortals
& fight as hard as we can
even if we must do it alone

What a joke

It's amazing when you put the guard up for years...not allowing anyone to break through..then you foolishly let it down..never more... never more