Monday, October 04, 2010

The final Rant on this topic

I am a wife, a mother, a friend, a family member, an artist, an author, a teacher a mentor, an advocate, business partner to a few, & a business associate to many.

I have worked with many have personally developed some great relationships with people.

Many people think they know me...but only a select few actually do. Those are the ones who have been there w/me thru the trenches. The death of my parents, my graduation, my learning about life, the birth of my children, my wedding, my heart breaks, the creating of my art, the creating process of my book & my book signings, my breakdowns & upsets, my joys & triumphs.

My family & close friends mean the world to me. And though I have a few people in my life who some deem "questionable" ... I know what works for me & my life. If you are in my life, you are for a reason. If you have been eliminated, there is a reason for that too.

Many know me as easy going, but please do not mistake my kindness for weakness.

So for those who think they know me....ask ME first...Not someone else. And if you don't believe what you hear then that's on you. It's not meant for you to know then.

Please do not ask what this in reference to. And for God sake, please don't assume you know. It isn't whether you know where the nature of this is coming from, it is more for future reference.

I hope we have an understanding... thank you for allowing me to rant...


It's been real!