Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Changes by artist Anthony Burks
It represents the positive changes in ones life through spirtuality

Friday, December 16, 2005

Taboo Movies

Are there some movies that you were not allowed to see due to content. Or something you might have saw bits & pieces of & wish you can see the entire movie. Mine were:
  1. Songs of the South (banned in this country) ( I saw it as a kid years ago but do not remember much)
  2. Midnight Cowboy (still have yet to see it )
  3. Caligula ( still haven't seen the whole thing)

Randal Pinkett The New Apprentice

I am trying to understand why people are making a big deal out of the fact tha Randall wouldn't share the thunder of his win. No other winner was asked to share, why should he? He earned it fair & square. He didn't say Trump shouldn't hire Rebecca, he said their would only be "one Apprentice tonight". We all know that Rebecca will be hired by the Trump Organization. This isn't even an issue. She was excellent competition. I think folks are making way too much out of it.
If Rebecaa had of been the Apprentice, I would hope she had of said the same thing. This is business, and things do not end in real life like a cute little mini series.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Santa's favorite cookies

What cookies are you leaving Santa this Christmas Eve?

Why our artists not getting respect?

Remember when artists use to be one of the most well respected people in the community? They were the ones that our leaders & scholars consulted with for major concepts & ideas to help change the world.

What happened to that respect?

Nowadays, artists (both visual & musical) are viewed as the nuts of society. While our Hollywood stars and sports figures are earning millions of dollars a year; other artists are being nickeled and dimed and can't even afford to pay rent.

Hello America! We are great thinkers too you know. Many of us have degrees in education, mathematics, engineering, medicine and psychology. With out us many of your children would not be the critical & logical thinks that they are. So would you please stop pulling funding away from art, music and science programs. Stop telling your children that artist are always struggling & not happy people who are homeless.

If you supported you local artists like you support your NY Yankees or Boston Red Sox we would all be on the same playing field economically. Remember, you wouldn't be where you are without us. Think about that the next time turn your nose up to an abstract painting at a gallery.