Monday, April 13, 2015

We need your help

The reality.

Over the last 4 years, my family & I have been going thru some struggles. Real life things. Loss of employment, illness and now potential loss of a home. Even w/ all this we have found a way to make sure other artists have earned capital.  In 3 years thru A.T.B., artists and charities have earned $250,000. 

Ironic as it is, dealing with our bank we have been going back & forth with finally an answer last December. However, it only told to us when we have no options left.  When it was year one, & we wanted to know what we owe, no one had an answer. Year three we go into foreclosure & now all the bank wants is for us to do is move. Not a care as to my husband losing his job & almost dying. Not a care that our family can be homeless. Not a care that our company was able to still facilitate ways of artists to make money in our community or that we raised money for breast cancer, the homeless and autism, and the environment. 

I get angry when I show up for a meeting early, yet the other individual doesn't have the courtesy to be on time. Not caring that I am not getting paid to be there. Yet the minute you turn my brain on I should be getting paid $100 an our. 

But thru it all I try not to be bitter. I am trying to get that last bit of hope. Not sure what will happen. But the reality is no other organization can help I have to help myself. But those who have benefited from what we have done in the past may need to realize that they may need to go on w/out us. Not having this residence effects not just living but our business as well. A.T.B will be no more.