Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marching into Deceit

Wandering around in a world
I use to know
the land I once called home

This time seem different
Things I looked forward to
friends who I considered
more than that
They are family

2 hours of extra time
seemed like  it was worth it
but time seemed to drag
as I became a stranger
in this other world I didn’t know
The people looked friendly enough
but they were all taken over
by the demons of the bottle
& even the people I knew
were lost in the lust of confusion

Suddenly the commotion hit
crashes of  glass & spills of red
like blood on the battle field.
As I looked  around for the hero to appear
I sadly did not feel secure
As I got my barrings about myself together
I wanted to feel I wasn’t alone
Yet the hero I thought was not a stranger to me
was the strangest one of all
As think back to leaving
all those faces behind
In the land I once called home
I realized when I came to the real world
my hero was left there too

Never would I have thought
in a million years
all the fools that we spoke of
that I was just one of them
the fool that you can make jokes of

Should I have known
that my choice was bad
to go to that world of many faces
Marching into that world of deceit
I could have chose many other places

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