Friday, March 25, 2011

Love is bizarre

Isn't it crazy.
You love someone
for the gem they are...
but things get in the way

Once steps in
the selfish behavior takes over.
I'm like WTF

It isn't obvious at first.
But after a while
things seem a little more clear.

You love them for the ambition
but the lack of drive is a total turn off
And you fight with everyone.
You believe in it.
You believe in it
Lord do you believe in it.

And you even do things that
is against your beliefs.

So know that the love is
still innocent
It is true.
And the talent.. you still believe in

But the talent has to believe
that it can't happen alone.

I'm proud of the drive...but don't forget
how you got here
Through that bizarre thing called love
that I and many like me gave you.
We believed in you when others
shunned you.

The love is strong
but is being defeated 
by that other bizarre thing
called ego

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