Monday, April 12, 2010

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Friday, April 02, 2010

Nope, I’m not on your Shhhhh.....

Use to talk about you

all the time with my homegirls.

How cute you looked whenever I saw you.

That smile that makes the girls hearts beat fast.

and makes them flock to you

like flies to honey.

You love and long for that attention.

But baby that is something

I just can't give you.

I refuse to be part of your flock.

Waiting in line to shower you with

unlimited kisses, behind some other groupie.

I refuse to be one of the ones

constantly complimenting you.

Telling you how perfect you are

to this world.

You are something special

I will admit.

But you need to realize

unlike them

I am not on your shit.

And until you come to your senses

and realize that it ain't only about you

in this universe.

I will admire you from a distance.

And ponder what could be, but may not.

I will survive with or without you.

Because, in my world, I come first.

(c) 1983 Trina Slade