Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winning & Broke!!! Gee


Monday, March 28, 2011

Please Order 2 Faced:the Devil's Advocate

2 Faced: the Devil's Advocate

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bon Jovi - Thank You For Loving Me


The situation is far from funny
but one has to laugh to keep from crying
You know you've met your match
when the gloves just keeping on flying

Who is going to be the one
to throw in the white flag
Stubbornness will never win
neither will being a nag.

As I take a breath and try to focus
at my opponent in front of me
bruised, bleeding & wincing as such
in pain but refuses to flee.

As angry as we are we can never deny
something is telling us to quit
We are bigger than this & friends way too long
we must really end this SH*@

So I reach in my pocket to clean the blood 
from off my opponent's face
Then I looked at my hand shocked to see this flowy white thing
it was the flag made out of lace

As I looked in the mirror at my own bruised face
I cried at what had to be
My opponent turned & wiped my tears
and said, "Thank you for loving me"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Love is bizarre

Isn't it crazy.
You love someone
for the gem they are...
but things get in the way

Once steps in
the selfish behavior takes over.
I'm like WTF

It isn't obvious at first.
But after a while
things seem a little more clear.

You love them for the ambition
but the lack of drive is a total turn off
And you fight with everyone.
You believe in it.
You believe in it
Lord do you believe in it.

And you even do things that
is against your beliefs.

So know that the love is
still innocent
It is true.
And the talent.. you still believe in

But the talent has to believe
that it can't happen alone.

I'm proud of the drive...but don't forget
how you got here
Through that bizarre thing called love
that I and many like me gave you.
We believed in you when others
shunned you.

The love is strong
but is being defeated 
by that other bizarre thing
called ego

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time was all that I asked for

Busy is what we all are
but time is something
that we will never get back

The misreading of covetousness
is really so sad
misunderstood and misconstrued
The time wasted from what
echoes in your head
was time taken away
from what really was said

The joyous laughter
I heard was bliss
The children danced
thru the dew & mist
As the clock struck 2am
sadness set in
The beauty of nature
had changed  a bit

Though one didn’t realize
at the close of the door
time was all that I asked for

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marching into Deceit

Wandering around in a world
I use to know
the land I once called home

This time seem different
Things I looked forward to
friends who I considered
more than that
They are family

2 hours of extra time
seemed like  it was worth it
but time seemed to drag
as I became a stranger
in this other world I didn’t know
The people looked friendly enough
but they were all taken over
by the demons of the bottle
& even the people I knew
were lost in the lust of confusion

Suddenly the commotion hit
crashes of  glass & spills of red
like blood on the battle field.
As I looked  around for the hero to appear
I sadly did not feel secure
As I got my barrings about myself together
I wanted to feel I wasn’t alone
Yet the hero I thought was not a stranger to me
was the strangest one of all
As think back to leaving
all those faces behind
In the land I once called home
I realized when I came to the real world
my hero was left there too

Never would I have thought
in a million years
all the fools that we spoke of
that I was just one of them
the fool that you can make jokes of

Should I have known
that my choice was bad
to go to that world of many faces
Marching into that world of deceit
I could have chose many other places

Be Careful What You Wish For

The yelling the screaming
I can live without
You are only listening to your words
Not mine.

Was everything a ploy
to get what you wanted?
Hmmm makes one wonder

A lot a time spent
Developing a dream
Documents & visions
Scrawled on pieces of paper
Still protected from the outside world

But there are demons
That not even I can fight
Not for you , nor for me
The denial and the resentment
Fuels both of us
though you refuse to see it

I stood by you through the fires of hell
against folks I really shouldn’t have been
trying to defeat
And the sad part was
I always saw your side
But in this last battle
You couldn’t see mine.

I was never the enemy
yet I proudly took all the
bullets of the friendly fire
with honor & pride
But that wasn’t good enough

Not sure where the child we bore
will lay his head
For now I guess he will
float in space of uncertainty

And before you have your
new cheerleaders out on the field
cheering for the not so obvious & obscure
revisit all of it…the Zeros, the pain
the family not there
the day to day battles
everything that mattered
Stomp on that ego and realize
there is more.

Also understand that
the respect you were fighting for
was the same that I was asking for
I was just more humble & respectful
in my demands

As you revisit that day in your head
was it really worth it
One little shot
 when I would have bought bottle
just for you

So when you are ready
To re-nurture the dream
Please come prepared
You want what you want
well so do I
and next I will get my share

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving on

Lost a best friend yesterday...not to a death, but to them self..  Loved them dearly, still do.. but too much pain....a lot to get into & I won't...but to say that certain things are acceptable based to what they want..showing me no respect.....I deserve better. Especially when they were often put first..over many

I am angry...but not bitter..hurt but defeated...Open but guarded

One thing that I know  if someone else had of behaved like this w/me that friend would have defended me with gloves on.

I love you my friend..... we cried together, laughed & everything in between... you know more about me & I you more than anyone in life..but you & I both know what this was about....But I will live with the decision that was made. 

So as I get business back in order....I too will be flying solo.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

The punishment

I did wrong
& God paid me back
physically, mentally & emotionally.

I did it to myself
by letting my guard down.
Now my resistance is low
health is deteriorating.

Went through it before
long long ago
And tried to ignore the
obvious signs.

But you can't change
a leopards spots
I know that for sure.
Once they get what they want
you get chewed up & spat you out.

You know what was done
honesty means nothing
If it's not what one wants
the punishment will be deadly.

What friends are for

Aren't friends suppose to be 
that one person 
who you choose to 
be part of your life 
who you trust will always 
be there for you? 
Aren't they the person 
who you chose to show 
unconditional love to? 
A person you can trust 
to not stab you in the back. 
A person you figure 
would show no jealousy. 
Isn't that why we are 
in each other's life? 
So then why would you 
decide to do some 
of the evil things to me 
that you know I would never 
do to you. 
Is it envy of my progress in life? 
Is it the lack of control you have over me? 
What would possess you to 
do the dastardly things you have done 
behind my back. 
You couldn't even 
confront me face to face 
with the problem at hand. 
But it is apparent, 
that you are the true problem 
in this friendship. 
Though I love you 
I really need distance myself 
from this toxic relationship 
because though 
I had your best interest at heart. 
It is obvious 
you don't have mine. 
Good bye my friend. 

Sorry very sad

Isn't it amazing how someone makes a decision that they absolutely know is wrong.. yet they do it anyway....Well you live & your learn & I am done trying. I need to move on.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Not a Mind reader

I have tried & tried
but, no more
No more reading your mind
No more over extending
No more trying to please
the unpleasible
No more chasing 
the unchasible
Many are willing to deal
with excuse after excuse
as to why your behavior
should be tolerated.
Not me
not anymore
I thought it was going to be a certain way
At least that was what you told me
But apparently
you only know
what you have been taught
And that was
the same way
you have been treated
I refuse to be you
Because I can only be me
And since that isn't good enough
Do it your way
on your terms
At least you know
what you want
because I apparently don't.