Monday, August 29, 2005

VMA's was Wack!!!!!!

Okay, I know everyone is complaining, but I got the right to do so too. What was that last night? "The All About SEAN Show". (I'm not falling into that DIDDY trap...damn it, he's SEAN) Ole' boy is trully stuck on himself. Alright all of y'all who when to Mount St. Michael with SEAN....was he that stuck on himself? I was so sick of seeing him I was literally nauseous. And did you see him once again pimping the late B.I.G.? I think Suge getting shot was a ploy to keep his azz from the show. He would have flipped seeing Bad Boy & Snoop all in the family. I was waiting for Dr. Dre to pop out.

Who told R Kelly to do that tired dramatized nonsence. I wanted him to go back in the closet when he actually tricked me into watching that mess on BET last month. A already can't stand the brotha. I think I have given him more than enough attention than he deserves.

And who's idea was it to have simulations of ejaculations fountains all over the theatre. That was truly a male produced show.

Did you see Lil' Jon & Snoop try to cop a feel on their co-presenters. Ladies wear rat traps in your girdles next time.

The only thing that was cool was the fact that almost everyone was dressed to the nine. Even Lil' Kim looked slightly classy. I guess Jessica Simpson missed the memo...or her & Ashley had a cat fight prior to walking out. I can't see Nick letting ol' girl walk out the door w/that train wreck on.

The hosts for the After Show had absolutely nothing to say. That's a first! They were so drunk at the pre-show that by the time the After Show took place maybe they were just lethargic & hungover. ...Not!

Over all the writers & developers all need to be fired. MTV don't have SEAN host again.


Unknown said...

ROFL I missed the whole thing. I'm glad now.

Anonymous said...

Ummm,has anybody ever seen *Sean* with his lips together?

I mean really, check out as many of his pics as you can find, he never closses his mouth!..Odd.


Trina Slade-Burks said...


Anonymous said...

Wasn't "Sean" a chump.

Trina Slade-Burks said...

He sure more than normal though.

Beatty said...

I missed the whole thing and was going to watch the repeats but after the devastion down south, I changed my mind. Just didn't seem important to watch it. Plus I heard others saying it was wack also.

Trina Slade-Burks said...

Yeah Sean otherwise known as ME DIDDY doesn't deserve the attention.

Beatty said...

Girl I'm so glad I didn't see it. And where is Mr. Diddy during this time with people in need!

Trina Slade-Burks said...

Well at the time the hurricane didn't hit yet. He donated $1 million dollars, the next day. So did Jay Z

Anonymous said...

Some of you may have already checked out this site.

Those of you who like fashion, may like this site.

Those of you who don't like talking about people, may NOT like this site.

God knows I have my own issues, but this site cracks me up!

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