Monday, August 08, 2005

Almost 20 years

I can't believe that it has been almost 20 years since I graduated Cardinal Spellman High School. I am on the committee again for our African American/Latin American Reunion. I am so excited. I know some folks don't understand why we are even doing this. Well after being black listed (pardon the pun) from the planning committee of our ten year, after being black listed for the yearbook committee....hell after being black list from damn near everything it was time to hold our own....Keep in mind our reunion invites all. Some who graduated, some who didn't, non-alum...etc.. All raises all creeds. Not elitist in the least.

I know many of us have hid our ages. Well I am 37 years old & proud of it. So all of y'all hiding your ages better quite trippin, because the chick w/the slam book knows tha truth.

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Drewshi said...

I'm sorry about the past. I can't change that. I'm hoping that you will make it in October. I hated Spellman with a passion in my day, for similar reasons. I work there now and it's a different world. I love coming to work everyday and I love trying to make a difference in the kids' lives.

Does that mean that things will be perfect with our group? You know some of the stories of the stupidity I've dealt with so far, so I can't say yes. But, I can tell you it will be better.

I thank you for your support in all this and for all the help you've given me in reaching out to the Spellman community.

Please come to the October event. Come and see my world now. I love it.