Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Really, what is the priority?

As a voter & a US citizen,  I have to say I am very disgusted with the fact that the Gulf coast is being hit by yet another hurricane & the Republican National Convention went on.  I will give props to Rick Scott & other GOP leaders who chose to skip the festivities and man their states. That is a true leader. Those poor people were treated like they weren't important. 

This isn't about party....this is about PRIORITY.  If I were on the fence w/my choice & the Democratic National Convention were to take place during this madness as well.. I wouldn't be voting. because both parties would show me what they are really about.  SELF.

 I vote for people who care about their fellow man in their country.  I have voted for Independents & Republicans who are for causes in some state elections. & not embarrassed to say that. So again I say.. this is not a party thing for me.

I was listening to Dennis Miller (a noted GOP supporter, but opponent of the Tea Party)  the other night on Jay Leno and he said it best.....That he would be more impress if they would cancel the RNC because of this storm & take half that money & pay down the deficit.  But he at this point trusts NO POLITICIANS. Because they talk more than they do (paraphrasing).

We have turned into a society that has been allowed to publicly disrespect our leaders in the media & in front of other countries etc. We wonder why others aren't respecting us as true leaders of the world. We are also a self absorbed nation. 

Don't get me wrong, yes Florida could use that money. Yes we are hurting, but that was an Overpriced damn pep rally that took place yesterday. SO many people who are trying to get jobs, who are fighting to save their homes & are dealing with that hurricane can use that money. All those people @ that convention lost the point to the fight. They just want to fight with each other. Get over there on the coast & get your hands dirty & help. 

& if not one person there didn't think that a simple "MOMENT OF SILENCE" was slightly disrespectful & condescending to the suffering, then all I can do is shake my head .

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