Saturday, June 11, 2011

You Feel What You Know

Too many things in the way of reality. 
You try to help someone avoid a mistake
They do what they want.. & chaos happens.
You devote your life to happiness
& you are around people who are totally unrealistic.
You know when you feel the anxiety
& you know the truth is beating on your door.
And you want for it to not  be what you feel it is
but you know for a fact what it is.

Did I invite that negative source in?
What if I had of just said no... let's do this
instead of that
What if I had not followed my heart
and just said.. what if.
I know I wouldn't be here now
Resenting all these entities presently
in my life.
Now all the entities are crying out
& I believe that I can no longer help them.
All I can do is sob, sigh & walk away.
Shaking my head, saying to myself
that I sensed it, I knew it, I felt it.

Entities in my life
Stop living in the unrealistic world of self
once you realize that 
your decisions you have chose
affect many
then maybe I can help you
get out of the rut. 

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