Friday, June 24, 2011

Fallen Soldiers

Please stop acting clueless
like it’s the first time
this has happened.
I think you enjoy seeing
disorderly  conduct in your mental space.
If you didn’t,
you wouldn’t allow it in your world.

As the pandemonium unfolded
instead of me feeling like loyal subject
you treated me like an abandoned dog
left without food,
while all the yard dogs
battled for the meat.

There were the things in your life
that I thought were important to fight for
yet you were willing to throw it all away.
So why should I assume
that I am any different
That I am not just as easy to discard.

The fear in my heart
you planted.
The seeds of distrust
you sowed.
The fruits of disloyalty
you harvested.

And now you walk around
waiting  for me to accept
all the nonsense. 

Look, you already knew
where my loyalty was.
I proved it to you
when I  fought like a soldier
in your war.
But the war is over,
and the wrong team won.
You were defeated
 & you’re too blind to see.
Reason why, you abandoned
your other warriors.
 for the double agent
on the other team.
So when you left us,
we got separated
and ambushed.
Now your warriors
are dead.
I’m  the lone soldier standing.
Wondering if
the time you committed to me
though shorter
than your fallen warriors
will be dishonored as well.

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