Monday, December 13, 2010

Show me Love too

What kind of ego are you supporting on your shoulders.
I give you love
I give you support
I give you all the compliments you deserve.
So why is it, that you assume
that I know that the feelings are reciprocal?
You know,
I like to hear that I too am appreciated.
I like to hear what I am worth in your world.
Don't assume
because you mention it to others
that I am getting the same message.
I want you to know that at present
I am truly feeling unappreciated.
I see the appreciation you have shown others.
You even tell me day to day,
what others have done for you.
I guess you have no idea
how dejected I feel right now.
But, I guess I will just proceed with what I do
and hope that one day, you will see my worth.
And show a little gratitude
and appreciation for me and my work.
But for your sake,
It better not be
too little too late.

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