Sunday, December 19, 2010

looking in another direction

These last 3 months have been very rocky.
People who trusted I have lost almost most of my faith.
I get questioned by folks who claim to love me.
I have been put in very awkward situations.
Most of my trust is gone.
I have invested in people & things.
Risked my lights getting shut off,
Water being turned off.
Withstood everything short of being physically slapped in the face.
Why do I keep bothering.
I have 10 people who mean the world to me...but I don't feel
I can be my full self anymore.
None feel my total pain.
All I can do is sigh with total frustration.
Looking in another direction to find total happiness.


Q said...

Your words are so honest, as I read them they often reflect back to my own experience.

Trina Slade-Burks said...

Thank you Q:)