Monday, November 08, 2010

changes for 2Faced

Well the book 2 Faced was a stuggle from day one. My plan was before producing the second book, was to go w/ a different publishing company. I was hoping that by the time I was ready to publish this book, I would have located an agent & a new company....but that was not the case.

I realized I had to self-publish yet again... And the company had upped their prices & upgraded not really to our benefits as the publishers & writers. I also had editting delays and las but not least, computer issues...I felt like the devil literally didn't want this second book to be made.

Also purchasing had gone down on art & book buying as well. The price for the first book was a price I couldn't see charging again...But I could not produce the same size for the cost of the last one...So that being cut cost 30% I had to cut the size of the book 30% as well.

What was not cut was the content, integrity & quality of the poems. I was not going to skimp of that. NO WAY NO HOW....

I want to thank you all who have been very loyal & supportive of all the art & poetry things I do. Especially those who have consistently kept your word. I apologize for being delayed on this...My Oct 26th deadline was not met , & I should have made every attempt to make that happen.

Thank you for standing by me thru this.

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