Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mixed Signals

I lay alone awake in my bed

Thinking about that last thing that you said.

I try to get my thoughts together

about the conversation we had.

You know you mean the world to me.

But I am not sure if I am with you.

You tell me all the things I want to hear.

But is it all true?

Or are you feeding me a lot of bull.

When I look into your eyes I see the love.

But your actions tell me something else.

I am not sure where I stand with you.

You tell me you love me, you tell me you care.

But is this the truth, or is this the way

you manipulate me to get what you really want.

My heart is special. You need to see.

And I cannot allow you to crush it into dust.

So though I love you with all my heart,

you need to show me what you really feel,

and not the indifference that you have portrayed.

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