Monday, July 12, 2010


What happens when the one person you trust in the whole wide world hurts you.  The one thing that they vowed they would never do to you ..they do.  The person who you laugh during the great times and they pick you up during the hard times. They swore to you practically on a stack of bibles that what was done to them would never in a million year be done to you by them.

I am angry, hurt and totally disconnected that I can't even show compassion for others right now. Sympathy for others I lack; the compassion is all about gone.

I refuse to approach it because I already years ago, like last week, like yesterday , It will be told to me like I caused it is all my fault.

The one person I had hoped that I would never be angry like this at....Thanks for the reality check asshole. I realize now that you aren't perfect and the only saviour I have. I find a way to get over this anger. But I know me; this one is going to take awhile

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