Monday, November 02, 2020

The Powerful Me Project


 The Powerful Me Is based on the poem written for my students 11 years ago for my book What is My Priority? With this poem, it was an anthem For my students to declare themselves powerful individuals. Funded by the city of West Palm Beach is art in public places, the public art project the Commons awarded me and 14 other artist in Palm Beach County the opportunity to execute public arts during Covid time.

This project is to allow people to answer the open ended questions by challenging people around the country on #snapchat #tiktok & #instagram .

Sponsored by: West Palm Beach Art in Public Places (AiPP)

Project assistance by: Medium Four & Gerry Johnson Signs

The Powerful Me

(The Children’s chant)

I am Powerful.
I can provoke change in the world.
I will not allow you, or anyone to stand in my way, to my goal of positivism.
I am an educated and a powerful being,
and you cannot stop me;
The Powerful Me.

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