Tuesday, April 28, 2020

How did the devil win?

Sometime one does things
not because they believe in it
but because it is simply a request.
One may have doubt in it
but because of respect
they just simply follow thru.

Silence is sometimes truth
when noise is the fibs
of interference in your head.
Sometimes we don't understand
that when we allow distractions in our life
we get dissoluteness & disoriented.
And start missing the true signs
of what is needed.
And then we grasp for whatever
or whoever is there
just because the
what we really need
isn’t instantly available at present.

One thing one needs to remember
Never give your foes ammunition
to defeat you with.
Otherwise you get what you deserve.
‎What kind of signs will it take for one
to recognize a bad mistake?
Often if hints & bluntness doesn’t  work
One  will continue to be blind
& clueless.
Then in the end
the devil has won the battle.

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