Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New year new things

2014 has seen some major changes for me. Some good, some sad but all necessary.

Through A.T.B. Husband and myself in partnership with Craig McGinnis curated a show called CONTINUUM , which was the 2nd largest art show since Sunfest in the downtown West Palm Beach area. Since the show as well as the Collaboration: African Diaspora show hosted last year, A.T.B. has been in strong demand for curating shows through 2015.

Sadly the partnership between myself & Alexie Figueroa thru Afroboy Entertainment disbanded this year. The decision was bittersweet, pretty necessary. If this move was not made it definitely would've put a strain on our friendship. You see we are both artists, and professional visions were being stifled again for the benefit of this business. So sadly the entity is no more, but the friendship still intact. And the hiatus was definitely needed to get past it. He is still producing this radio show, and writing. And some point some of the projects that we put aside for now we will revisit at a later time. What matters is that our friendship is more important rather than a business relationship.

After a few booksignings from the publications of the books I have written in the past, I really wanted to coordinate a solo art show on a small scale. So I've been working on some new work, and will be hosting a solo show at a local business who supports artists. It is a collaboration of my arts, my written material, as well as my culinary products that will be featured in a future book to be launched November 2014.

Other great things soon to come. 

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