Monday, October 31, 2011

Cold & indifferent

I will say this has been a rough husband lost his job, oldest started college, then on top of not finding work my husband was diagnosed with diabetes

If I can say that I feel hopeful I would be lying....We worked very hard to get where we are at. Have helped many artists get established, businesses get ahead & people become free standing...yet I feel like overall we are standing alone. We have been doing work for everyone practically for free...yet we are behind in bills & are waiting for over $2500 from clients...I do not like being taken advantage of & I feel robbed by many I have trusted..

I pray every night that the little faith I have in people isn't swayed. Because of so many people asking & asking w/out any regard for is making it very  easy for me to now say no.

We had a fundraiser for a person who really needed support...& I was so turned off that her own peers did not come out to support her...more like disgusted. Yet my connections did their best to help as best they could.

So as 2011 slowly comes to a close...I am trying to not close the year angry & bitter. But as my shoulders tense up and face grimace....I cannot promise that. My faith in mankind has heart hardened...and the selfishness of others around me has left me cold & indifferent.

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