Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Advertise on ME

10 years ago I did a very inexpensive yet smart idea that helped promote my E-bay networks' online stores.  Basically they bought a space ON ME to advertise their business....I got the idea from a man who had people bid to permanently Tattoo their company on him.....I am not going that drastic

Since it is the summer, & I am constantly out & about @ events... I always wear tee shirts. We design a billboard tee & you put your business on my tee. 

Honestly it worked. I had people walking up to me putting URL's & phone # into their Blackberry's right off my shirt. The shirt I have on in the pic.... every time I wore the shirt....sales would go wanna BUY A SPACE ON ME for your business.  Cheaper than placing a $1500 in a magazine that may never get seen. ...This offer use to be $200 each

Once you buy the space & pay.. you send me either a JPG of your logo or your URL.. THAT'S IT.. the rest is up to us

Buy a space.. buy it now!!

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