Saturday, April 09, 2011



Why wasn't I born to be a regular gal?
The one who was of a normal life
growing up with a regular family
in a regular house

Why didn't I go to a normal school
with regular friends
graduate with regular people
get my regular degree
to hold down a regular job
to earn a regular salary
get married to a regular guy
with my 2.5 kids
& live in a regular world

I lived an irregular life
Raised in a one parent home 
I attend 3 conflicted school
chose an obscure career
and everyday my brain is skewed
by extremely abstract & conflicting thoughts

Because artists aren't regular
We hurt for the unknown
We suffer all the time
We fall in love way too many times
& have our hearts broken double that amount
We crazily believe 
that we can save the world from itself
We are Narcissist, conflicted, feeling beings
that cannot just turn our emotions off
We're shy extroverts
who desperately crave attention

Look at me
Do I look like a regular gal to you?

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