Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It’s not you it’s me

It’s not you it’s me
A phrase that is so cliché but true.
I never could face truth
until it stared me back in the face.
I lived in denial for so long.

People come and go
for years I had to learn to accept that.
And the turmoil I go through
based on fear.
You can’t fight it for me.
I will have to do that alone.

But I hope that you understand
that you are not the cause of this.
It isn’t about you. It never was.
You need to live with the fact
that this is a battle I need fight alone.

Yes you offered to help.
And I truly appreciate it.
All I can ask of you is
when I get through this
tragic journey,
that you will be there
as the friend you always have been.
With the understanding that
I truly didn’t mean to wound your soul.

I had to do this because of my love
for you
and the love for myself.
I am confident
that I will get through it.
And it will be a journey worth taking.

Please don’t be angry with me.
Don’t try to understand me.
And please don’t judge me.
Just understand at this time for once
It’s got to be all about me.

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