Wednesday, November 05, 2008

YES WE DID!!!!!!

Well we as a country did it. I couldn't really sleep all night. I am still in shock. I was tearing up this morning as I told my baby boy about who his new president is. I wanted to be the first one to see his face this morning.
I am still answering text messages from last night. It appears that I had friends trying to call me last night from NYC and the phone lines were tied up.
I am still sad that my parents & grandparents were not alive to see this day. But am grateful that I did.
So my son Raymond got 2 sets of good news from election day. He is The school treasurer & Barack is the 44th President of our country

Tomorrow was just a Dream

November 3, 2008
Well tomorrow is slightly bitter sweet for me. You see, I would have loved for my father to have seen this day come. Something that he fought hard for, for much of his life. His generations were fighters and survivors. They knew what entitlement was.

A Southern man from North Carolina, who was drafted while in college in a segregated army during the Korean War. Would he have ever thought that a black man would actually be officially running for president? When Barack Accepted the nomination I literally got choked up. At that time I wasn't sure who I was supporting yet at that time, but to hear his official acceptence was so surreal.

So now my father, my grandfathers & my great-grandfathers will see history being made, through the eyes of their legacy my 2 sons.

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