Saturday, August 18, 2007


I was just thinking about all the new people I reaquainted myself with on google & since I joined myspace. I have met up with former teachers, old college friends, former boyfriends, old high school friends, former bosses, former & present associates old friends even a few old enemies that I have severed ties with in the past.

It is a strange thing this internet.

I have rekindled ties with a dude from my neighborhood who I thought I would never even speak to again. ( let's just say that being a silly naive, shy 12 year old girl and a chatty 13 year old boy going thru puberty had much to do with it.) It's a shame because I learned so much more about him in these three days. I really wished we had of stayed friend when we were younger because we actually had a lot in common.

One teacher I met on myspace. I couldn't stand her. I think it was because she was a young teacher at the time & I was done with young teachers trying to be cool. She is one of the most sweetest ladies I have ever know. I happened to have learned a lot about public speaking thanks to her.

Or the college dorm buddy who I assumed was a snob. Who turned out to have a great respect and affection for me back then. He races bikes too. Something that I always wanted to do but don't have the nerve.

Or the quiet high school friend who was always into books. And now is a national salsa champion & director of a studio/school.

So people, you never know about the people who enter into your life. They can be so meaningful and offer you so much. Stopping taking them for granted. They can be some of the most influential people that come into your life.

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