Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why do I bother

About 5 years ago, I had a misunderstanding with a now former friend. It was over something that I did that I found to be in her best interest. We discussed it. She said she forgave me. I thought it was over. Well it surfaced again, and she is still angry. Granted I know I stepped over the boundries. I apologized then. I know a friend of mine told me God can't forgive you if you don't forgive yourself. I did this act with all the best intentions. This person is so use to people having selfish reasons for being in their life that it may appear as though they expected the same from me.

I know I should say why bother, but they need to know that my intensions were not selfish. I will give it sometime and confront the situation head on.

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Unknown said...

Best wishes with that. Sometimes friends are such a headache I think "why bother," but sometimes they are worth waiting out the drama.