Friday, August 18, 2006

About my NYC trip

Thursday's craziness of the illeged terror foil delayed an incoming plane a 1/2 hour. However, due to that 1/2 hour a major storm hit the PA,NJ, NY area and we were stranded in Norfolk, Virginia for 7 hours. Prior to that we were circling in the air before landing for 2 hours We could not get clearance to land in Lagardia. We sat on the plane in VA for 4 hours.I didn't get to LGA until 10:30pm...I was suppose to be there at 2:33pm.
After that incident I told myself I wasn't letting anything get to me. & I didn't.
I got to see almost all the important people in my life while I was there.I went to one of the two reunions I am going to attend. Though the reunion had a small turnout, it was very intimate & we had a blast.
This was truly a mental health trip. I needed it in the worse way. I did a lot of thinking. And it was truly an experience to finally exhale.

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