Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I should be so excited about my trip to New York, but instead I am aggravated. After 2 years of planning our AA/LA reunion the whole thing changed with one major mistake. I am so pissed I can spit. To make matters worst, people interests have dwindled from the event. I feel like my friends have not been supportive because of one person who I won't name & I invest quite a few hundred dollars of my money to cover the reservation. That I may never get back because the several people who made their promises are not keeping them.

I also have a friend up there who is demanding to much of my time & they do not understand that as selfish as this may sound, this trip is suppose to be about me.

I am in a huge emotional rollercoaster. And I want to get off. My friends have been my family for years, but in this important part of my life I really feel alone. Family is the same way. I feel I have no kind of control of my own life.

I am just freakin disgusted


Unknown said...

Hang in there. I know how you feel. When I go home, many people want a peace of me, and I can't do it all in a small amout time.

Obviously my Mother wants time. So did my grandmom, friends, who kept changing their plans, and friends wanted in on the time. I was tired on my holidays.

I eneded up spending the time with my neice, who didn't demand much, but it was time well spent.

Trina Slade-Burks said...

I know what you mean. It is so annoying.

Beatty said...

I didn't know things had taken such a downward spin. I know how you have been looking so forward to this.

I know everybody isn't like me, but since I'm basically a loner, I don't ever expect much out of people. Oh I've had my times in like where people have aggravated the heck out of me, and I learn from it and it makes me more not to expect much or to expect the unexpected. I know that sounds sort of negative, but it works for me. I mean I've had my times when I was all excited about something, only to get it dashed by some people. It's a big let down. So I just keep myself in the middle so to speak, and if things happen in a positive way like it's suppose to, then that's great, and it it happens the opposite way, I'm not so let down. Being let down after being so high it a so devasting. Especially when you deal with a group of people, you just never know how they are going to do.

I know you're more a person who loves people, but try to learn when you're dealing with people on anything, that's friends, family or foe, to expect the unexpected. To me that's the easiest way to deal with your sanity or girl, people will drive you crazy.

My 30 school anniversary is this year. I'm on and there are some postings about the reunion. I never been to one high school reunion and I don't plan on going to this one. I really don't know why I'm even on as I don't have any interest in going to any reunions. I wasn't that popular in school in the first place. And also as the years goes on, you really don't have much in common with the people you went to school with anymore. After about 15 yrs. you just have very little in common. It's another lifetime ago to me. But that's just my opinion.

Hope things make a turnaround for the positive for you. :o)

Trina Slade-Burks said...

Thank you for your support